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English CV

English CV


Curriculum vitae


Personal data


Date of birth: April 19, 1976


Birthplace: Palermo, Italy


Address: Via F.sco Crispi, 240 – Palermo, Italy


Nationality: Italian



Medical Council affiliations:


  • Italy: Ordine Provinciale di Palermo dei Medici Chirurghi Reg (active)


Education and qualifications


1995                          High-school degree (classical studies) – Liceo “A. Di Rudinì” , Palermo, Italy.


1996 - 2003     University of Palermo “Policlinico Universitario P. Giaccone”, School of Medicine.


2002                Exchange Program, Medical Student, Tri-Service General Hospital Gynaecology and Obsetrics Department, Taipei (Taiwan)


2003                          Medical Degree, School of Medicine, University of Palermo “Policlinico Universitario P. Giaccone”, Thesis: “Laserthermoablation in dysfunctional metrorrhagia”.


2003                Exchange Program as Resident Doctor, Toho University, Gynaecology and Obsetrics Department for High Risk Pregnancy, Tokyo (Japan)


2006                Gynaecology Practitioner  at Endoscopic Science Department, Director Prof. S. Bettocchi, Policlinico Universitario, Bari.


2008                Gynaecology and Obstetric consultant at Ghindae Hospital, Ghinda (Eritrea)


2009                Gynaecology Practitioner at Hysteroscopy Clinic “Arbor Vitae”, Director Prof. I. Mazzon, Roma.


2009                Certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology: final exam 70/70 cum laude. Thesis: “Hysteroscopyc treatment of the Caesarean Scar Pathologies”


2009 -2015      MD Humanitas Cancer Center and Reseach Hospital, Rozzano (MI)


2010-2015     Founder and Chief of the Hysteroscopy Unit, Department of Gynecology, Humanitas Cancer Center and Research Hospital, Rozzano (MI)


2010-present   Gynaecology Consultant, Humanitas Gavazzeni Clinic, Bergamo


2010-present   Founder and Chief of the Hysteroscopy Unit , Humanitas Gavazzeni Clinic, Bergamo


2011-present   Scientific Consultant for the design and development of new technologies and equipment in the field of gynecological endoscopy,  RZ-Medizintechnik Tuttlingen.





Professional experience


Clinical experience: since the beginning of his career Dr. Accardi has invested his studies to gynecological endoscopy.  Even before his graduation,  he attended, a gynecological surgery centre of excellence  in Taipei and after the medical degree he went to Tokyo to study in one of the most famous gynecological centre of excellence for gynecological endoscopy and high risk pregnancy.

During the pre-graduate internship and immediately after he read up on the high-risk pregnancy deepening of eclamptic disease management.

At the same time he expliceted his passion about the hysteroscopy field participating, while he was just graduated, at many National and International endoscopy and hysteroscopy workshops and congresses as tutor, scientific component and operator. During the specialization  he attended two of the most important  Hysteroscopy school of the world, learning the office surgery at Prof. Bettocchi Endoscopy Department and resectoscopy at Prof. Mazzon Clinic.

He also worked with many of reception centers for refugees, consequently he learnt to understand the culture of  North Africa and the Middle East.

Over the years of the specialization, he attended one of the most important Italian Cancer Center and

Research Hospital, Humanitas (MI), where he was the founder of the Hysteroscopy Outpatient Unit, in the meantime he deepened the Oncologic Gynaecology topic, Endometriosis, the HPV disease, Gynaecological Endoscopy and especially all the field of Hysteroscopy.

Currently he is consultant and Chief of the Hysteroscopy Outpatient Unit at Humanitas Gavazzeni in  Bergamo and he is attending the Department of Oncologic Gynecology directed by Prof. V. Chiantera in the M. Ascoli Oncologic Centre of Palermo.



Research experience: since 2011 he has been collaborating with the International company RZ Medizintechnik with whom he developed and patented new instruments and hysteroscopic technologies: “rotating hysteroscopic scissor and forceps” , “Piccolo 18 Fr. Miniresectoscope” are his strength. Still now they are working together for the development of new instruments. Nowadays he can face any hysteroscopic surgery both outpatient and in the operation room, with any type of instrument. He was one of the first in Italy to study about and work on the “hysteroscopic diagnosis an d treatment of the  caesarean scar pathologies” and with  RZ, he contributed to the development of the 18 Fr Miniresectoscope to treat these pathologies.

The attendance at International hysteroscopy courses, let him to be able to play as tutors for all medical specialists who want to learn the hysteroscopic technique.



Other skills


Languages: Italian (native speaker), english (fluent and written), Spanish (basic)

Computer: Expert user of PC, windows, word systems and software; knowledge of videoeditor software; frequent use of mobile OS, such as Symbian and Windows Mobile for Smartphones.



  • Istereoscopia
  • Via Umberto Giordano, 152
  • Palermo